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Digipacks, digifiles and posters: deluxe finishing

1.- Presentation:

  • in this web we show the graphics products oriented towards the fabrication of fully personaliced duplication of CDs, DVDs y BlueRay like the Digipacks, digifiles or poster like booklets. With this grapchics we get deluxe finishing
  • Below is shown a video with digipack fully finished which show the type of "excelence" finishing we want to transmit:

2.- Locations


Woma holding a digipask on one hand

Comparing HiDef newer digital system with older low resolution

Hi def CD painting in detail .

The DVD & Cd copies are printed in high definition .....[know more on 7 colors hi def CD printing]

Digital CD duplication

The DVD & CD digital duplication has higher quality, is quicker and costs less....[know more on DVD & CD digital duplication]


Detail of a Digipack digital.

Digipacks are deluxe packaging...[learn more on digipacks]